Monday, December 29, 2014

Cub Scout Bear PRINTABLE Tracking and Organization Work Sheet for the New Program - Free - with Adventures and Cyber Chip and Award requirements to help Leaders and Parents

The new Cub Scout program is going to be incredible for the boys.  National has put a lot of time into planning the new adventures and you will love it as soon as you can get your head around it.  We are all about making it easier for all Cub Scout Leaders and Parents.  We hope this new tracking sheet will help you as you start to navigate the new program.

Tracking, planning, and recognition are so important in Cub Scouts.  This new tracking sheet will help you be able to keep track of where each boy is at towards the Bear, Adventures, and Cyber Chip requirements.  I like to print this tracking sheet on cardstock, and I print one sheet for each boy to be kept in my leader binder next to their tracking sheet for their Religious Award.  I keep a different tab for every boy with all the tracking sheets (Age Group & Religious Award).  Then I have complete information on each boy.  It helps to do it this way if you do one requirement one week and a different one other weeks.  Not every boy is there every week.  By doing this, I can always know where each boy is at, and it is all in one place.  I keep a roll, and next to the roll I write down what we did that week, and then every couple of weeks I update all the tracking sheets for every boy.  If the parents ever have questions, I always have a place to look back at on the roll, and I can always copy each tracking sheet to show them where their boy is.  Thanks to Jessika Vaupel from the Trapper Trails Council who shared this tracking sheet with us.

** PLEASE do not download these files and email or send them digitally to others.  These are for your personal use only.  If you would like to share these files with others, please copy the link to this post and send them to our site so they can print off their own.  We would love to have everyone that would like a copy to come here to print their own off absolutely free.  We receive money to keep our website open where we store all of our documents and PDF files by people visiting our blog.  Please don't take money out of our pockets by bypassing our blog.

  • To print this NEW Bear Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE 

  • To print the NEW Tiger Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE 
  • To print the NEW Wolf Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE 
  • To print the NEW Webelos Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE

  • To open an Excel Spreadsheet to track TIGERS, similar to Cub Trax, CLICK HERE
  • To open an Excel Spreadsheet to track WOLVES, similar to Cub Trax, CLICK HERE

  • To print the Faith in God Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE    
  • To see all the tracking sheets, CLICK HERE


  • To print the ORIGINAL - Tiger Tracking Sheet , CLICK HERE
  • To print the ORIGINAL - Wolf Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE
  • To print the ORIGINAL - Bear Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE
  • To print the ORIGINAL - Webelos Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE   


  1. The Wolf tracking sheet is now working. The Bear tracking sheet says that the link is damaged and can't be repaired. thanks so much for your work on these sheets. I plan on sharing them at roundtable!

  2. I was able to download the Bear sheet - it looks fantastic except that it includes the cyber chip requirements for grades 4-5 instead of 1-3. Thank you so much for your work on these!

  3. The Bear sheet says they cyberchip for grades 4-5. Bear rank is 3rd grade, so shouldn't the cyberchip be grades 1-3?

    1. I asked Annaleis to help me answer this one. She says... "This one can be a little tricky (and is the reason that the one Jennifer and I created only says (Cyber Chip) without saying exactly which one...

      The Bear book says "You should use this book if: You are a boy who has completed the second grad or you are 9 years old."

      So, in a traditional (non LDS pack) the boys working on their bear would be 3rd graders but... If it is a LDS pack then he would be 9 and could be in 3rd grade or 4th grade depending on where his birthday falls in the year and where the school cutoff date is and if he was held back or skipped a grade or... See It's a little complicated.

      If a boy starts Kindergarten when he is 5 he would be 1st grade when 6, 2nd when 7, 3rd when 8, and 4th grade when 9. So... it might be wrong... but it might be correct.

      Also, these current requirements are/were from when the Cyber Chip award was an optional/extra award and now that it will be required each year the requirements are under review and may go through some changes when the new program rolls out in June - another reason we didn't list the specific requirements for it.

      I think that since these tracking sheets are designed for leaders not boys or parents it's no big deal but...

      Also... National is working on their own "official" tracking sheets that might clarify things also (or maybe not) I am anxious to see them." - Annaleis Smith

      Here is the link for Annaleis' tracker

    2. Your bear tracking sheet is my favorite. It contains more complete descriptions that other tracking sheets. I have found some things that are missing though, such as the last elective "A World of Sound." I have spent some time comparing it to the new book and would love to share what I have found. I just want to keep using this sheet, but would like it complete. Even if you have a downloadable version that enables editing so that I can tailor this for my den. Thanks for the detailed sheet

  4. Hello. I am a cub scout leader in Illinois and I found your tracking sheets for the new program and love them. Thank you for sharing them. I have noticed something that needs to be changed and I was wondering if you could please either post a version that can be edited or if you could please fix the "Bear Necessities" requirements. On your tracking sheet, it says requirement 5 is to practice your role for the program and that is actually part of requirement 2 for Bear Necessities. 7, 8, and 9 are correct on your tracking sheet, so it is just 5 and 6 that need to be fixed. I know it seems like a small thing, but it would make for more accurate tracking. Thank you so much.

  5. im trying to print the bears tracking sheet and its not working. keeps saying the site can't be reached. Can you please tell me how I can print it? thank you

  6. I am wondering if these sheets will be updated with the new "REVISED" requirements as of December 2016. I have really enjoyed using them but now they are outdated....THANKS for creating the original ones.

  7. I'd love an updated Bear Tracking Sheet for the 2017 revised program too!