Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cub Scout Religious Square Knot Faith in God PRINTABLE Tracking Work Sheet Primary

Although the picture shows the quarterly activity as being a requirement for the religious square knot, the actual PDF has been updated and lists the 12th article of faith as the requirement for the religious square knot.
If anyone has any other tracking sheets for the Religious Square Knot for any other religions, I'd be happy to post it on this site also  Click here to contact me.  I just happen to have this one, so I am posting it now.  This is a tracker for the Faith in God program for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The requirements in red are the requirements that need to be done to earn the religious square knot.  I have also done a tracking sheet for girls (below) if you need that one.



I like to add the date in between the square you check off & the wording so I know when they completed it.  I always print this tracking sheet on cardstock, and I print one for each boy to be kept in my leader binder next to their tracking sheet for Belt Loops, and Age Group (wolf, bear, or webelos).  I keep a different tab in my binder for every boy.  Behind each tab, I keep all 3 tracking sheets (Age Group, Belt Loop, Religious Award).  Then I have complete information on each boy and it is quick and easy to find.  It helps to do it this way if you do one requirement one week and a different one other weeks.  Not every boy is there every week.  By doing this, I can always know where each boy is at, and it is all in one place.  I keep a roll, and next to the roll I write down what we did that week, and then every couple of weeks I update all the tracking sheets for every boy.  If the parents ever have questions, I always have a place to look back at on the roll, and I can always copy each tracking sheet to show them where their boy is.
  • To print the UPDATED Faith in God for BOYS tracking sheet, CLICK HERE
  • To print the Faith in God for GIRLS tracking sheet, CLICK HERE
Need tracking sheets for the NEW Program?  We have them ready for you! 

  • To print the NEW PROGRAM ORIGINAL - Tiger Tracking Sheet , CLICK HERE
  • To print the NEW PROGRAM ORIGINAL - Wolf Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE
  • To print the NEW PROGRAM ORIGINAL - Bear Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE
  • To print the NEW PROGRAM ORIGINAL - Webelos Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE  

  • To print the OLD Wolf Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE
  • To print the OLD Bear Cub Scout Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE
  • To print the OLD Webelos Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE 
  • To print the OLD Belt Loop Cub Scout Tracking Sheet, CLICK HERE 
  • To see all the tracking sheets, CLICK HERE 
** PLEASE do not download these files and email or send them digitally to others.  These are for your personal use only.  If you would like to share these files with others, please copy the link to this post and send them to our site so they can print off their own.  We would love to have everyone that would like a copy to come here to print their own off absolutely free.  We receive money to keep our website open where we store all of our documents and PDF files by people visiting our blog.  Please don't take money out of our pockets by bypassing our blog.




  1. Has anyone made a Faith inGod packet?

  2. Just a note oft the religious knot earners-- they changed the requirement on "serving others":

  3. I must say I LOVE your tracking sheets & Faith in God! I was so excited to see you had the new Wolf Den tracking sheet. I've been in scouts for 19 years & I always made my own because I could not print them online but your print brilliantly! Now that I'm a committee chair again I'm in charge of getting the info to my dens.THANK YOU for making my calling easier!!!

  4. Do you have a sheet that shows how the Faith in God correlates with the new scout program? I have seen one for the old program that showed which things overlapped! Thanks so much!

  5. Has no one notice that this is a faith in God for GIRLS packet?

    1. Or is the boys one not working for me for some reason?


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