Saturday, February 22, 2020

Cubmaster Corner

The University of Scouting course titled Cubmaster Corner was really almost a round table cubmaster breakout session. Participants shared ideas and solutions, and a couple new cubmasters got oodles of wisdom from some experienced scouters. The course handout is a conversation starter with some success tips and an article from Brian on Scouting.

If you're a new cubmaster, the best advice is to get to Akela's Council for the next course. Get trained, make regular use of your cub scout leader book, and follow some of the tips here.

Cub Scouts and Field Trips

I taught a class about cub scouts and field trips today at the annual University of Scouting in the Utah National Parks Council. Some class participants asked for the Class Handout in digital format, so here it is.

Locally we are seeing a trend towards family packs that meet at the same time and place for den meetings as well as pack meetings. While this works well to streamline family time requirements, it makes it a little harder to plan a den outing.

Hopefully this handout will be useful in planning field trips that can accommodate requirements for several dens. It should also give a quick overview of all the obvious outings recommended for adventures in all the dens.

Don't forget to get your activity consent forms signed, and bring a copy of each person's health form when you have activities away from your regular den meeting location!

Put the OUT in scouting, and get your pack out to see some fun things.