Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cub Scout Belt Loop Requirements & Cub Scout Belt Loop Tracking Work Sheet

Above is a tracking sheet to be able to keep track of where each boy is on requirements towards each belt loop.  There are links below to print one for the Academic belt loops, and another for the Sports belt loops.  They are meant to be printed back to back.  I like to do it on cardstock, and I print one for each boy to be kept in my leader binder next to their tracking sheet for Wolf, Bear, or Webelos.  Then I have information on each boy.  It helps to do it this way if you do one requirement one week and a different one other weeks.  Not every boy is there every week.  By doing this, I can always know where each boy is at, and it is all in one place.

  • To print the Academic Belt Loops tracking sheet, click here
  • To print the Sports Belt Loops tracking sheet, click here
  • To print the 4 page document that shows the requirements for each belt loop, click here
  • To print the Wolf Tracking Sheet, click here
  • To print the Bear Cub Scout Tracking Sheet, click here
  • To print the Webelos Tracking Sheet, click here  
  • To print the Faith in God Tracking Sheet, click here    
  • To see all the tracking sheets, click here
Below is a sample of the 4 page document I have typed up that shows the requirements for each belt loop.  It is faster than having to look through each page of the booklet that tells about each belt loop.


  1. When I open this PDF to print, it cuts off the belt loop names.

  2. Nevermind, I opened it in a different browser and it came out fine.

  3. AWESOME work.. and time you put into this!! thanks

  4. Thank you for doing this! Really appreciate it as a parent trying to keep track of everything we work on.

  5. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you so much for going to all of the trouble to make it available to all of us!!

  6. I have a question on the # 4- *** I don't understand what those are for if you could please respond that would be great thank you :)

  7. Everyone in our pack is so thankful for this time saver!! Thank you!

  8. Thanks! This chart is exactly what I was looking for to help with my den!

  9. This is an invaluable resource. Thanks for pulling all this information together. Planning and tracking just got a whole lot easier!

  10. Thank you for putting this altogether. It sure makes it easier for us leaders.


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