Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New Cub Scout Parent Pamphlet ~ editable pdf ~ Welcome packet for New Cub Scout Orientation

New Cub Scout Parent Pamphlet-editable pdf

Thanks to Julianne Anderson for donating this idea. She is Cubmaster of Pack 62, Hobble Creek District, Utah National Parks Council.

When my son turned 8 he was so excited to join cub scouts.  I grew up with 3 younger brothers; however, all I can remember is my brothers wore a blue uniform shirt with a neckerchief, including a neckerchief slide that usually fell off, and we sometimes went to pack meetings.  I figured my son would go every week, earn some awards at his meetings, and I would sew patches to his shirt.  That was the extent of my scouting knowledge and preparation.  On my first trip to the scout shop to purchase supplies for my son I was overwhelmed by the various choices, and the cost involved, to get my son ready for scouts.

About 6 months after my son joined cub scouts I was asked to serve as Cubmaster over his pack.  Through the basic Cubmaster training I learned how cub scouts is supposed to run; with leaders and families working together to help mold and shape young boys, and have fun while doing it.  

Now armed with some scouting knowledge, I wanted to create an easy-to-read, single page pamphlet to give to new parents to help give them the basic information, plus help them understand everyone’s role in scouting.   

Here are two different editable pdf documents that you can use in your dens or packs.  One has more editable text forms than the other, but they are in the same basic format.  Some of the information is from scouting.org, and some of the den leader/parent/cub scout responsibilities ideas were taken from this blog post http://akelascouncil.blogspot.com/2013/02/cub-scout-orientation-for-new-cub.html.

  • CLICK HERE for the 1st form with less information that is editable.
  • CLICK HERE for the 2nd form with more information that is editable.
  • To see other ideas and printables for orienting new cub scouts, CLICK HERE

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  1. These are pretty nice templates, thanks! Not sure if you want to update it though, but there are 7 methods of Cub Scouting. It looks like this is missing the "Serving Home and Neighborhood" method.

    Thanks again for putting this out there, we needed something like this.

  2. Thank you for all of the hard work that has gone into the many printables!

  3. Is there a version of this for Packs that are not LDS? I'd love to use it, but we don't have a "Primary President"!

  4. This would be nicer if you could edit everything on it, not just certain parts. Make it more universal instead of just for Tigers. It would be nice to get rid of areas that aren't used, or change a picture. However, I still love the idea!

  5. This is wonderful! The pack number above contact information isn't editable, though.

  6. It would be nice to have a non-.pdf (.doc?) editable version so font size and spacing could be adjusted for more editing (such as combined pack numbers, description changes that need more/less space, removal of Atts Cubmaster, change of Council patch pic, etc. or make ALL areas and area sizing adjustable.