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Webelos ~ Great Salt Lake Council - Cub Scout Monthly Themes - PowWow Books - Pack Meeting Plans

Webelos was a bonus section in the 2002 Great Salt Lake Utah Council PowWow book.  This has great information, and many of the ideas that were used back then can still be used today.

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Some of the things you will find in this PDF are:
  • Aquanaut
    • Sink the Ships - Water Fun
    • Make a Paddle Boat
  • Artist
  • Athlete
    • Activities
    • Homemade Exercise Equipment
      • Barbel
      • Dumbbell
      • Barbell
      • Standing Press
      • Prone Press
    • Tin Can Walkers
  • Citizenship
    • Service project areas & Field Trip Ideas
    • Meaning of Citizenship
  • Communicator
    • Person to Person Communication
      • Activity
    • One Way Communication
      • Activity
    • Non-Verbal or Body Language
      • Activity
  • Craftsman
    • A Lost Art
    • Year Round Activities
    • Requirement - Tool Safety
    • Projects
    • Make a Picture Frame of Wooden Molding
  • Engineer
    • Ten Things Engineers Do
    • Visit a Construction Site, Look at a Set of Plans
    • Tell How Electricity is Generated and Gets to your Home
    • Draw 3 Kinds of Bridges: Construct Model Bridge
    • Build a catapult and show how it works
    • A Simple Pulley
    • A Simple Block and Tackle Demonstration
    • Making a Simple Set of Gears
  • Family Member
    • Family Flags
    • Family Meetings
  • Fitness
    • Four Uses of Soap
    • Soap Strainer
    • Soap Carving
    • Back Scrubber
    • Gift Bar
    • Health Fun Treat
  • Forester
    • Pre Opener for a Pack meeting 
    • Free Trees
    • Adopt a tree
    • Leaf or Twig Identification
    • Guests
    • Field Trip
  • Geologist
    • How they measure earthquakes
    • Places to go
    • Den Meeting: Crystal Patterns
    • Den Meeting in the field
    • Collecting Fossils
  • Handyman
    • Wash a Car
    • Change a Tire, Check Oil Level and Tire Pressure of a car
    • Make a repair to a Bike, Lubricate Chain & Inflate Tires
    • Build a Sawhorse or stool
    • Help Take Care of the lawn
  • Naturalist
    • Nature Experiment
    • Soil Conservation Experiment
    • Tours and Hiking Trails
    • Bird Feeding Project
    • Catching Insects
  • Outdoorsman
    • If you are lost
    • Outdoor Tent
    • Fire Starting - Easy and Safe
  • Readyman
    • Where to go and what to do in an emergency
    • Define First Aid
    • Have a Guest Speaker
    • Field Trips
    • Evaluation
  • Scholar
  • Scientist
    • Read and Show Bernoulli's Principle
    • Read and Tell Inventions That use Pascal's Law
    • Read Newton's First Law of Motion and Show Three Ways it Works
    • Show Effects of Air and Atmospheric Pressure
    • Show Effects of Water Pressure
    • Build and Launch a Model Rocket
    • Explain and Show Fog
    • Explain and Make Crystals
    • Explain your center of gravity & Show Three Balancing Tricks
    • Tie a Water Knot
    • Float a paper cup
    • Scatter pepper
    • Put on an invisible lid
  • Showman
    • Puppetry
    • Music
    • Drama
  • Sportsman
    • Careers and Speakers
    • Field Trips
    • Activities
    • Sports Injuries
  • Traveler
    • Bus Route Schedules
    • Timetables
    • Field Trip Ideas
    • Travel Costs
    • Route Planning
    • Pack Suitcase
    • Family First Aid Kit
  • Webelos Helps & Hunts
    • Uniforms
    • Books Charts & Software
  • Arrow of Light and Graduation Ceremonies
    • Timely
    • Dignified
    • Leader Prepared
    • Ceremony Short
    • Involve Others
    • Story: The Value of Asking
    • Creative Ceremony
    • Combining with Graduation
    • Graduation Ceremony Resources
    • Other Resources
    • Sample Arrow of Light Ceremony - set in a court room
    • Pack and Ceremony Equipment
      • The Arrow of Light "Arrow"

To see more Theme Ideas, and other PowWow books go to this page CLICK HERE


Tommy, the Trustworthy Scout
(Tune: Yankee Doodle)
Trustworthy Tommy was a Scout, Loyal to his Mother, Helpful to the folks about and Friendly to his brothers.
Courteous to a girl he knew, Kind unto his rabbits Obedient to his father, too and Cheerful in his habit\
Thrifty saving for a need
Brave and not a faker
Clean in word and thought and deed and Reverent to his Maker.

Story: The Value of Asking:
I’m going to relate a personal experience I had as Cubmaster. When I was brand

new, my oldest boy was a Webelos scout. He had earned his Arrow of Light and wanted it badly. I was unsure how to put a ceremony together. I spoke with the previous Cubmaster, and she shared one of her ceremonies. It went well after I practiced it a few times, and my boy had a memorable ceremony.
A famous person once said, “I’d rather ask twice than get lost once.” The same philosophy applies in this case. I’d rather see a new leader ask twice or even three times rather than doing something wrong and possibly lose a boy from the program.

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