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Soaring to New Heights ~ Great Salt Lake Council - Cub Scout Monthly Themes - PowWow Books - Pack Meeting Plans - Space Derby Ideas

Soaring to New Heights was the official Cub Scout theme in September 2002.  The following information is from the 2002 Great Salt Lake Utah Council PowWow book.  This is a great theme, and many of the ideas that were used back then can still be used today.

To open the PDF for this theme, CLICK HERE
To open additional information for this theme, CLICK HERE

Some of the things you will find in this PDF are:
  • Leader Hints
    • Tiger Den Leader Hints
    • Den Leader Hints
  • Blue & Gold Ideas
    • Menu
      • Calzone Stars
      • Way-out Waffles with Fruit
      • Cosmic Crepes
      • Flying Fajitas
    • Activities
      • Make and fly paper airplanes
      • Model Airplane Display
      • Make Kites
    • Guest Speakers
      • Military or Civilian Pilots
      • NASA Personnel
      • Aviation Historian
  • Gathering & Pre-Openers
    • Solar System Pre-Opener
    • Paper Airplane Races
    • Airplane Neckerchief Slides
  • Opening & Closing Flag Ceremonies
    • Thank You America - Flag Ceremony
    • Pledge to the Moon
  • Cubmaster Minute
  • Advancement Ceremonies
    • Neal Armstrong - Advancement Ceremony
    • Rocket Across the Solar System - Advancement Ceremony
  • Games
    • Space Construction
    • Troglydiets
  • Skits & Story Telling
    • Fortunately, Unfortunately
    • The Falling Engine
  • Theme Crafts
    • Wind Chimes
    • High Flying Mobile
    • Parachute
    • Blimp
  • Holiday and Seasonal Crafts
    • Freedom Book - Remembering 9/11
  • Songs
    • The Astronauts Plea
  • Cheers & Sparklers
    • Apollo Cheer
    • Man in the Moon Cheer
    • Sky Rocket Cheer
    • Owl Cheer
    • Canary Cheer
    • Satellite Cheer
  • Run-Ons & Jokes
    • The Eagles
    • I can Climb Anything
  • Cubs in the Kitchen
    • Cloud Puffs
    • Celebration Sticks
    • Football Pudding
    • Finger Paint
    • Tic Tac Toe to eat
  • Theme Midway
    • Flying Disc
    • Jet Launcher
  • Recognition Ideas
    • Space Shuttle Award
    • Wright Brothers Award
    • Wrong Brothers Award
    • Lucky Lindy
    • Amelia Earhart
    • Air Planes - Commercial and Military
    • UP!
    • Balsa Wood Airplanes
    • Transformer
    • Rocket Award
    • Blue Angels / Thunderbird
    • Parachute Awards
    • Autumn Leaves
  • Family Award
    • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Theme Resources
  • Activity Ideas
    • Father and Son Rocket Launching Activity
    • Throw planes through or into a horizontal or vertical target. 
    • Time airplane construction and throwing event.
    • Prizes for flying farthest, most accurate landing, best construction, etc
    • Paper Airplane competition
    • Rockets made from 2-liter bottles and launched via water pressure
  • Extra Resources from Additional PDF
    • Make a Bottle Rocket
    • Make a Glider
    • Rocket with Launcher
    • Planet Word Search
    • Flying Balloon Races

To see more Theme Ideas, and other PowWow books go to this page CLICK HERE

1. When you buy space derby kits, also get CARRIERS for the lines.
2. Set up a track with FISHING LINE between LONG BANQUET TABLES. Use two tables at each end. Set one up normally; put the other on top of it on its side. Wind the fishing line around the top table and put the carriers on the lines.
3. Have the boys wind up their rockets for trial runs. For variety, put planets on the floor and race to those, instead.

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