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Once Upon a Time ~ Great Salt Lake Council - Cub Scout Monthly Themes - PowWow Books - Pack Meeting Plans - Magic - Halloween - Puppets

Once Upon a Time was the official Cub Scout theme in October 2002.  The following information is from the 2002 Great Salt Lake Utah Council PowWow book.  This is a great theme, and many of the ideas that were used back then can still be used today.

To open the PDF for this theme, CLICK HERE
To open additional information for this theme, CLICK HERE

Some of the things you will find in this PDF are:
  • Leader Hints
    • Tiger Den Leader Hints
    • Den Leader Hints
  • Blue & Gold Ideas
    • Menu
      • Robin Hood Ravioli
      • Paul Bunyon Pretzels
      • Seven Dwarf Seven-Layer Bean Dip
      • Hansel and Gretel gingerbread
    • Activities
      • Fairy Tale Skits
      • Finish the story
      • Tongue Twisters, tall takes and Mother Goose Rhymes Contests
      • Read-a-thon
    • Guest Speakers
      • Librarians
      • Storybook character
      • Literature Teacher or Expert
  • Gathering & Pre-Openers
    • Story Heroes Identification
    • Storybook Stations
    • Dragon Tales Word Search
  • Opening & Closing Flag Ceremonies
    • Magic - Flag Ceremony
    • Magic Candle Trick
    • Give Him a Day - Closing Ceremony
  • Cubmaster Minute
  • Advancement Ceremonies
    • Mickey, The Mixed-Up Cub Scout
  • Games
    • Tail Grab
    • Ghost in the Graveyard
    • The Witch Ain't Out Tonight
  • Skits & Story Telling
    • Sir Lancelot's Mission
    • Whispering
  • Theme Crafts
    • Armor
    • Finger Puppet Fairy Tales
  • Holiday and Seasonal Crafts
    • Trick and Treat Ghost
    • Flying Bat
    • Sweet Spider
  • Songs
    • Do You Know
  • Cheers & Sparklers
    • Jousting Cheer
    • Dinosaur Cheer
    • Knight Cheer
    • Viking Cheer
    • Terex Cheer
    • Wiggle your Thummy Cheer
    • Witch Cheer
    • Dracula Cheer
  • Run-Ons
    • Lawyer and Client
    • Knock Knock - Dewayne
  • Cubs in the Kitchen
    • Peanut Butter and Jack-O-Lantern sandwich
    • Worms on a Bun
    • Zebra Parfaits
  • Theme Midway
    • Dragon Tales Word Search
  • Recognition Ideas
    • Paul Bunyan Award
    • Tall Tales
    • Shrek
    • Mickey Mouse
    • Cartoon Characters
    • Urban Legends
    • Gravity Hill
    • Superman
    • Giant Award
    • Tremors Award - Giant Worms
    • Giant Ax
    • Star Wars
    • Snow White
    • Robin Hood
    • Snoopy Award
    • Blue Ox Award
    • Casey Jones Railroad
    • AWARDING—Cut off bottom of real pumpkin, put the awards in it, and sit it on the award table. When giving the awards make a big deal of finding a Pumpkin and wanting to make a Jack-o-lantern out of it. Cut off top and discover the awards in it. [The audience can’ t tell that the bottom has been cut off]
  • Family Award
    • Knowing It's Make Believe
  • Theme Resources
  • Extra Resources from Additional PDF

To see more Theme Ideas, and other PowWow books go to this page CLICK HERE


God is a little like General Electric—He lights your path
God is a little like Bayer Aspirin—He works wonders

God is a little like Hallmark Cards—He cares enough to send the very best
God is a little like Tide—He gets the stains out others leave behind
God is a little like Sears—He has everything
God is a little like Alka Seltzer—Oh, what a relief He is! God is a little like Copper Top Batteries—Nothing can out last Him.
God is a little like Scotch Tape—You can’t see Him, but you know He’s there. 

If GH stands for P as in Hiccough
If OUGH stands for O as in Dough

If PHTH stands for T as in Phthisis
If EIGH stands for A as in Neighbor
If TTE stands for T as in Gazette
If EAU stands for O as in Plateau
The correct way to spell POTATO should be:

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