Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rolls for Cub Scout Den and Pack Meetings ~ Den Leader Records

Den Leader’s Records
  1. It is so important to have something you can always look back on to verify records.  This is a fast and simple way to have a permanent record.  If I mark a roll, I can go back at any point to update the rest of my records.  
  2. Do not rely on the books the boys carry as your record of what they have earned.  You need to keep a current record for each boy as he completes each requirement.  A lot of times the books are not accurate.  It takes too much time for me to sign each boys book each time we pass off something, and there is not a place to record other awards or Faith in God.  You need to have a good system.
  3. As boys come to den meeting, take a roll
  4. Write down what achievements were accomplished during the meeting
  5. Record on each boys record sheet what was accomplished.  I have a section in my binder for each boy that includes a chart for Bear Requirements, one for Belt Loops and pins, one for Faith in God, and one that I write on telling which month they earned patches and other scout awards.
  6. Once a month, a newsletter is sent home with information on what is going on in cub scouts this past month, in future months, and goals we have passed off by week so parents can mark it off in the cub’s binder.  If the cubs missed a week, the parents know what to do at home to catch the cub up so he can earn awards with the other cubs at the next pack meeting.

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  1. VaLayne- I am intrigued by the picture of a leader binder you posted on December 10, 2015. I am a new den leader and am naturally organizationally challenged. I would like to put together a binder like your, but need some help. What do the tabs say on the dividers? I can't make them out well enough.

  2. Thank you for these convenient printable sheets. I will certainly pass the link on.

  3. Thank you so much! Being a new den leader this year for the Tigers, it was nice not having to reinvent the wheel! <3

  4. Great roll sheet! Thanks for posting!