Monday, December 28, 2015

Nativity Baby Jesus Wooden Craft Project for Webelos Cub Scouts

This would be an easy project for any Cub Scout to work on. Such a cute project of Baby Jesus.


  1. Are directions for this project available?

  2. yes, a link to instructions would be helpful

  3. Baby Jesus looks like the end of a tongue depressor painted flesh color, two dots for eyes and wrapped in a torn strip of fabric. Wrap wire around a pencil and pull it off. Poke one end in a pre-drilled hole in the base and the other in a pre-drilled hole in the star. Hot glue some Spanish Moss onto base and baby nestled on top. The only slightly tricky part of this is making sure you have a wire that is strong enough to hold the star up. Another option would be to use a fun foam star or a thin Balsa wood type star and just glue the wire to the back of the star!