Friday, February 1, 2013

Akela's Council Cub Scout Leader Training - Woodbadge for Cub Scouters

Make Your Pack and Dens Great by attending Akela's Council  for the Best Cub Scout Leader Training Anywhere!

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What Is Akela's Council? This is an exciting 4 1/2 day Cub Scout Leader Training for those who have completed the Leader Basic Training. This fast-paced and inspiring training covers den doodles, den yells, relationships, Cub Scout forms, resources, Sports/Academic program, skits, puppets, charter renewal, BSA policies, insignia, OWL Outdoor Webelos Leader Training, Cub Scouts with disabilities and much more.

When and where does it happen?

In 2013, Akela's Council 28 will be held in conjunction with Family Odyssey at

  • Tifie Scout Camp at Mountain Dell (near Mount Pleasant) on July 22-27, 2013. 
Past participants have deemed Akela's Council to be the most motivating and enjoyable training they have ever completed. Registration is limited so register early for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. This training meets the needs of all Cub Scout Pack level leaders. 

Akela's Council with Family Odyssey is a unique approach to Scout Leader Training.  Adult Cub Scout Leaders can come alone or bring their families.  Adult Cub Scout Leaders attend Akela's Council, and youth Scouters may attend Timberline NYLT.  Teens ages 14 and older will receive Kodiak leadership training.  Meanwhile, the rest of the family gets a great Scouting experience, too.  It will be challenging at times, but it is well worth it!

Please understand that Akela's Council training is intensive, running from right after breakfast.  Many Cub Scout Leaders want to attend this valuable training but don't want to leave their families home for a full week.  Family Odyssey gives you the opportunity to come to the mountain together.  However you will not spend much time doing the same activities once the programs start.  This might be compared to a normal work week at home.  You'll each have unique experiences during the day and come together at meal time to share what you've done with each other.  Wednesday night is Family Night when you can enjoy Camp Tifie's activities together.

How do you apply?
Fees for Akela's Council are $170.00.  Please click here to register.  Partial scholarships may be available.  
Please contact us to find out more information.

All fees are due 30 days prior to the course.
There will be no refunds issued after the course begins.


1. Be registered with the Boy Scouts of America.
2. Complete Cub Scout Leader Basic Training before course.
3. Provide the completed Annual Health and Medical Record (parts A, B, and C) at check-in.

What you get for your Money:
✓ 4 ½ days of fun and learning
✓ Really good food - all your meals are provided for 4 ½ days
✓ T-Shirt
✓ Silver Akela’s Council Pin and Blue Neckerchief and Akela's Council Neckerchief Slide
✓ Optional - OWL Training (Outdoor Webelos Leader Training)
✓ Friendships to last a lifetime
✓ Tons of ideas to improve your pack
✓ A bag and binder and lots of handouts with amazing information to help you with your position
✓ Understanding of all Cub Scout, District, and Council Positions
✓ Stuff, Stuff, and more Stuff (you'll see what we mean!)
✓ A wonderful collection of neckerchief slides
✓ Interaction with others who love Cub Scouts (you're not alone)
✓ A new amazing leader for your pack, stake, district, and council who can be a great inspiration  and help to others

51 items you will learn at Akela's Council:
1. Flag Etiquette
2. Respect
3. Family Involvement
4. Ceremonies
5. Uniforms & Insignia
6. Elements of a Den Meeting
7. Pinewood Derby's, Paper Rockets, Raingutter Regatta's
8. Cub-annapolis
9. Patriotism
10. Pack Meeting Planning
11. Crafts
12. Genius Kits
13. Conservation Awareness
14. Cubs in the Kitchen
15. Communicating with Parents
16. Positive Attitudes
17. Cub Leader Book
18. Games & Teaching Ideas
19. Den Doodles
20. Communications
21. Keys to a Successful Pack
22. Round Table Instruction
23. Positive Value Emphasis
24. Enjoying Nature
25. Pack Meetings
26. Gathering Activities
27. Working as a Team
28. Attitudes & Skills
29. District Leader Training
30. Skits & Puppets
31. Outdoor Webelos Leader Training (OWL)
32. Webelos Ree Outdoors
33. Talking Feather
34. Flag Ceremonies
35. Den Flags
36. Treasure Hunts
37. Denners & Asst. Denners
38. Den Chiefs
39. New Program Information
40. Leader Appreciation
41. Campfire Etiquette
42. Special Events
43. Costuming
44. BSA Structure
45. Observing Nature
46. Take a Hike
47. Outdoor Code
48. Listening to Nature
49. Uniform Inspections
50. Blue & Gold Banquet
51. Cub Scout Songs

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