Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Utah National Parks Council Pow Wow Book 2008-2009 "A Campin' We Will Go": Pack Meeting Ideas, Den Meeting Ideas, Core Value Ideas

To find hundreds of more ideas divided by Themes, go to THIS PAGE.  We have taken many pow wow books and divided them into themes.  More ideas are added on a regular basis.  You can choose a specific theme for pack meeting and see many ideas with Pre-Openers, Flag Ceremonies, Cubmaster Minute, Games, Skits, Crafts, Songs, Cheers, Run-Ons, Food.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

In August of 2008, Utah National Parks Council put out their 2008-2009 Pow Wow Book.  It is such a large file, I had to put it in a zip file, so be patient as it opens.  Click on this link if you want to just look at individual themes from this book that have been divided by theme.  They are smaller documents and easy to open. 

This large book is a 368 page PDF document.  There are many pages with Core Value Info, and many pages that will be helpful with dens, pack meetings, and many other Cub Scout items.  There is some great information.  See the Table of Contents below to see what is in the book.  Hope you have fun checking it out.  Below are pictures of a small portion of what is available, but what you will open up are crystal clear PDF's ready to be printed.

See the table of contents below.  For each section, there are ideas for all of the following:
  • Invitations
  • Websites that would be helpful for that topic
  • Pre-Openers
  • Ceremonies
  • Audience Participation
  • Skits
  • Songs
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Food Fun
  • Just for Fun
Table of Contents
November 2008 - Seeds of Kindness
December 2008 - Holiday Lights
January 2009 - A-MAZE-ing Games
February 2009 - American ABC's
March 2009 - When I Grow Up
April 2009 - Jurassic Pack
May 2009 - Leave Nothing but Footprints
June 2009 - A Campin' We Will Go
July 2009 - Be a Sport
August 2009 - Fun in the Sun
September 2009 - Cub Scout Pockets
October 2009 - Jungle Safari
Tiger Cub Info
Webelos Info
Advice from Akela
More Good Stuff


I found another GREAT resource for Pow Wow Books at MacScouter.  Click here.

This cute neckerchief slide is on page 187, or you can click here for instructions.

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