Thursday, March 9, 2017

Preserving a Cub Scout ~ Arrow of Light Ceremony ~ Pack Meeting Advancement or Graduation Ceremony

Thanks to Deb Brown for donating this idea. She is the Cub Committee Chair for Pack 3842 in the Golden Eagle District, Great Salt Lake Council.

 Tonight we want to recognize __________ for all of his hard work. He has completed all the requirements for his Arrow of Light. At 8 yrs old he stood up in Pack meeting and received his Bobcat rank.  Since then he has faithfully progressed along the Cub Scout Trail. Throughout the last three years he has continued to learn, grow, and earn rank advancements. Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and tonight his Arrow of Light.  I am really impressed by _____ and the amazing young man he has grown into.  In fact, I think he is a great example to all of us in the way that he strives to live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
                We all have things at home that are important to us. Personal treasures that we want to preserve and protect.  I think that ________ has reached this point. He has grown so much and I think he is amazing. Let’s preserve him and keep him just the way he is right now! In fact, I have brought all the supplies that we will need to vacuum pack him. This is a great idea! He will stay nice and fresh!

Helpful Hints:
·         When the boy steps into the bag, he should have both feet together at one corner and when he kneels down, his knees are at the other corner.
·         Put the vacuum behind the boy.  The hose should come over his shoulder.
·         Have the boy fold his arms  and hold the end of the hose in the hand closest to his body.  This protects the hose from being completely blocked by the plastic bag.
·         The suction will keep the bag closed around the shoulders.  Just hold it to start and smooth out wrinkles if necessary.  You don’t need to use tape or anything.
·         The top edges of the bag should not be higher that the boys shirt.  A little air has to be able to get in through the material.

There you go Mom and Dad! _____, why don’t you stand up and join your parents. (as long as the vacuum stays on the boy will have very limited ability to move) I guess this wasn’t such a good idea after all!  (at this point you can shut off the vacuum and let the boy out of the bag)

As much as we might want to preserve ______ at this exciting time of his life, all we would really be doing is stopping his ability to move forward on the Scouting Trail.  _______ we want to award you this rank of Arrow of Light.  Now you are ready to cross the bridge. Your next troop is waiting there to welcome you into Boy Scouts. You can continue to learn, grow, and progress toward earning your Eagle.

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