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Generations of Cub Scouting and Akela’s Council

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Cub Scouting has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. I watched my mother lead my younger brother’s den, train countless other leaders in our district and council, and travel all over the state while on council business. We even took a family vacation to Philmont Scout Ranch one summer so she could attend training there. She believed that every boy deserved a well-trained leader and took the time to attend Wood Badge and earn her beads. Because of her hard work and years of service, she has received several awards, including the Silver Beaver, and was recognized as one of the Influential Women in Scouting in the Utah National Park Council.
Akelas Council LogoNot long after I began my own Cub Scouting adventures as an assistant Cubmaster, my mom strongly recommended that I go to Akela’s Council. She was a participant in 1992 and loved it. She knew that any Cub Scout leader, new or experienced, would come away from Akela’s Council with new ideas and a recharged attitude towards the program.
I finally decided to go in the summer of 2011 for Course 27 and it seemed like the universe was against me. I was nervous about leaving my 22 month old daughter for a week, my husband was going to be overseas with the military, and just after I registered and paid I found out that my stake was not going to be reimbursing me for part of the cost. I almost gave up on going to Akela’s Council.
Thankfully, my mom, my prime example in Cub Scouts, came to my rescue. She reaffirmed that my daughter would have an amazing time staying with Grandma and Grandpa and even offered to help pay. My husband, who supports my work in Cub Scouts without blinking an eye, told me that I needed to go and that everything would be okay, even if he was so far away. I was also blessed that two staff members for my course worked to get me a scholarship to help pay for the course.

The morning that I drove up the mountain to Tifie Scout Camp, I was so nervous, but I knew that I needed to be at Akela’s Council. When I arrived I was given a bag, a binder, and told I would be in the Cheyenne Den and our color was purple. I looked down at my wrist and smiled at my new purple watch that I had purchased just for Akela’s Council. Before heading to the opening ceremony with the other participants I called my mom to let her know I was there safely. When I told her what den I was in, she gave an excited gasp and told me that she was a Cheyenne too!
That week was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. The presentations and activities were fun and informative. I picked up some great ideas to bring back to my Pack and set some goals to improve my own work as an assistant Cubmaster. I saw and experienced first-hand what my mom had talked about for years. She was on my mind a lot that week and I was thrilled to be able to share those experiences with her. I finally started to see why she loved the Cub Scout program so much and did all she could to make sure her boys had an excited, enthusiastic, and trained leader.

A few years later I had the chance to be on staff for Akela’s Council 31 in 2015 and found another connection for my mom and me. The year I was a participant, my den leader explained that he had made one of the displays that is used as part of the course every year. While going through the supplies and other things needed for course that year, I found the original display that my den leader had fashioned his after. Stamped on the back was a note that it had been handmade by my mother’s den leader many years before.
I am now the Cubmaster of my Pack and have been on Akela’s Council staff twice and am looking forward to my third experience this fall, this time as the Cheyenne Den Leader. I know that I could not have been as successful as I have been without the amazing example of my mother and the invaluable experiences gained as an Akela’s Council participant and staff member. I would encourage any Cub Scout leader who wants to feel more prepared for Den Meeting, Pack Meeting or as a Committee Member to take advantage of the amazing resources available at Akela’s Council. You will come away with countless new ideas for your boys to enjoy and be more able to help your Pack grow in whatever capacity you serve.

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Christa Adjusted PicAuthor: Christa Twitchell | serves as Cubmaster in Pack 922 chartered by the LDS Spring Creek Eighth Ward, Springville Spring Creek Stake. She is serving on staff for Akela’s Council this year

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