Monday, March 13, 2017

Printable Passport and World Map Preopener for the theme "Passport to Other Lands" and a world map ~ Gathering Activity Preopener

Thanks to Ray Cox for donating this printable idea. He is Cubmaster of Pack 1066, Wasatch District, Utah National Parks Council.

To support the theme of Passport to Other Lands, I created the attached gathering and table activities.

Passport gathering activity - This is a mingling, get to know you activity. Give each Cub (also siblings, even adults, if desired) a passport. Participants collect passport "stamps" by finding people in the room who have visited or lived in other countries. Each participant receives a prize for collecting 5 "stamps". There is an additional prize for collecting the most. Obviously each Cubmaster may make up his own rules to suit his needs. My rules are: Each person may provide only one country. Countries, and people, may be listed only once.

World map activity (picture below): This is a work together at-the-table activity. 24 numbered countries are marked on the map. Each begins with a different letter. The goal is to identify each marked country. Notes of minor interest: Unsurprisingly, there is no country whose name begins with 'X'. More surprising, perhaps, is that there is one that begins with 'Q' (Qatar), there is only one that begins with 'O' (Oman), and none begins with 'W' (Wales is a part of the United Kingdom).

  • CLICK HERE to open the editable Passport Gathering Activity
  • CLICK HERE to open the World Map Activity
  • CLICK HERE to open the answer sheet for the World Map Activity
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  • CLICK HERE to see a pinterest board with a lot of ideas for Passport to Other Lands

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