Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cub Scout Craft - Oath & Law Cards

A special thank you to Michaun Torgersen who is in the Utah National Parks Council, Black Diamond district (Spanish fork area) for donating this amazing artwork, and to Mary Halvorson from the Hobble Creek District for this beautiful and fun craft idea.

These wall hangings or ornaments are a fun way for boys to become familiar with the Scout Oath or Scout Law. They can be made from the PDF's shared here or you can have the boys write them with their own handwriting. Print or write the oath/law on cardstock and then glue it to a piece of cardboard that is the same size. It needs the strength of the cardboard to support the sticks. Cub Scouts will have fun finding sticks to use for the frame. Cut sticks to appropriate lengths using garden pruners and glue into place with hot glue. You can add decorative stitching after the sticks are glued into place using a small cord or waxed string and a large eyed needle. You may choose to add just a few stitches on each side or do continuous stitching all the way around. If you do stitching you will want to punch your holes with the needle and then sew through the holes. This will help get your stitches where you want them much easier! Embellishments such as a paracord square knot, a few beads and a charm, mini pinecones or other items from nature may be added. There are really no rules. KISMIF

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