Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Ugly Pumpkin Skit - A great Cub Scout skit for Halloween

All the boys are sitting around with their arms wrapped around their knees (acting like a PUMPKIN) In front of a sign that says "PUMPKIN PATCH" 
Pumpkin 1: Man I HATE Halloween!
Pumpkin 2: Ya, me too. 
Pumpkin 3: Why - what's the matter with halloween? 
Pumpkin 4: You guys break the news to the new guy.... 
Pumpkin 5: First, they cut off your vine! (PUMPKIN 2 looks worried) 
Pumpkin 6: ya, then they cut your head open! (PUMPKIN 2 GRABS HIS HEAD) 
Pumpkin 7: and pull out your guts! (PUMPKIN 2 GRABS HIS TUMMY) 
Pumpkin 8: then they cut you up with a saw! 
Pumpkin 9: or a knife! 
Pumpkin 10: or a drill! 
Pumpkin 11: THEN they put a candle in you to light you up! 
Pumpkin 12: and leave you on the porch to rot for months!! 
Pumpkin 3 (looking scared to death): NO WAY! How do we get out of it? 
Pumpkin 4: QUIET EVERYONE - I know a way - just be as UGLY as possible, then they won't pick you! 
ALL Pumpkins: OK - ya, let's do that! (Two people enter the stage) 
The pumpkins all say: shhhhh - here come some people everyone - BE UGLY! (The two people walk around the pumpkin patch shopping for a pumpkin) 
Shopper 1: man, all of these pumpkins are TOO ugly for halloween! 
Shopper 2: Ya, These pumpkins are REALLY ugly! 
Shopper 1: Even too ugly for a jack-o-lantern! 
Shopper 2: Ya, let's go look somewhere else! (all the pumpkins are giving each other the thumbs up and a WHEW!) 
Then Shopper 1 turns around and says: WAIT! They will be perfect for PUMPKIN PIE! 
All the pumpkins scream in pain! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

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