Friday, January 8, 2016

Planning a Cub-Annapolis Cub Scout Derby ~ Cars made out of boxes that Cub Scouts race for Pack Meeting ~ fun for the whole family ~ also known as the Cubanapolis

A special thank you to Charity Bartholomew who is in the Utah National Parks Council, Black Diamond district (Spanish fork area) for donating this amazing information on doing a Cubanapolis Cub Scout Derby.

How to build the cars, How to host the event, How to race the cars...  Each family receives or is in charge of finding a cardboard box for their "car".  They add 4 "hub caps" (butterfly brackets) and "tires" (cheap paper plates) to their car.  They can tape on paper headlights and tail lights, draw a racing number with markers, and any other decorations they would like on their car.  (They can paint these instead, if you want, just plan on supplies.)  To print a PDF that gives you the complete how to info, please print the document below.

  • CLICK HERE to open a PDF document about how to plan your Cub-Annapolis Event
  • CLICK HERE to open an editable document
  • CLICK HERE to see other ideas for a Cub Scout Cubanapolis

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