Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to hold a hold a Cub Scout Cubanapolis ~ Cars made out of boxes ~ Also called a Cubannapolis or Cub Scout Annapolis

Alpine District Cubs have asked us to store their digital files for them since they lost their website where they used to be stored.

The Cubannapolis is an amazingly fun Cub Scout activity.  I hope you will give it a try.  Our boys enjoyed it MUCH more than the pinewood derby.  It was a lot more low key and fun and funny.  We got lots of great pictures!

The idea of the Cubannapolis is to set up a race course - a round area the boys can run around.  They line up at the starting line.  Mark, Set, Go!  They race around about 4 times, and stop them after each lap to do one thing.  We enjoyed having their families in the "pit" to be their crew to help them every time.  The ideas we did are...

  1. Clean Windshield - Spray goggles 2 times and wipe with rag
  2. Change Tires - Remove Shoes, turn socks inside out, put shoes on again.
  3. Photo Op - Remove helmet.  Comb hair 10 times.  Smile.  Take Photo.  Put Helmet back on.
  4. Re-Fuel - Fill glass to water line.  Drink all water thru straw.  (Use a brand new gas can and put lemonade in it.  It adds to the theme.)
I made up a rules sheet you could use.  Take it to Alphagraphics Copy Store and they can blow it up to 2 feet x 3 feet for $1.59, and then you can color in the different words with markers.  

 The boys had so much fun, that dads didn't want to miss out.  After the boys got done, there were many races between the dads.  The kids loved being in their dads pit stops to help their dads win the race!  So much fun...

 See the tunnel in front of the Cubmaster?  The boys could go through it or around it.  Most chose to go through it.  It was very popular!

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