Monday, August 13, 2012

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Tire and Flags Racing Neckerchief Slide

This idea came from Sheri Alldredge  - For the "tire & race flags" I went to Home Depot and got their 10' pipe insulator (a foam tube) and cut it up into 1/3--1/2" slices for the "tire". There is a strip that has an opening slice on it......don't get that one, but the one that is solid all the way around. Then stick the flags in at a diagonal. You can find them at Party Land or any number of other places.  I did use a fine black marker to do the tread on it but it blended right in.  Maybe something like paint would work if you wanted to try it.

Hope your boys enjoy it.  It would be a fast and easy slide for them to do.

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