Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blue and Gold Banquet Dinner Placemat Preopener Printable Worksheet for the Blue & Gold - Rebus Puzzle - New for 2014

I made a new placemat this year for the Blue & Gold Banquet.  This is a different rebus puzzle than the one I uploaded 2 years ago.  If you used that one another time, this one is safe to use for this year!  This would be something everyone could work on while they were waiting for the Blue & Gold Banquet to start.  It is a great thing to use to get everyone talking.  Don't you hate all the awkward silence at the table while you wait for something to happen?  This way they have something that is easy to talk about and carry on a conversation while doing it.  Hope you enjoy it!  It is ready to print and add your pack numbers to (you will probably have to add your pack number in black).

If you want to print the PLACEMAT,  Click Here
If you want to print the ANSWERS,   Click Here

I have also made a couple of other projects that match the placemat.  If you are interested in them, you can find the links below.

Click on the picture to go to this post for the "Christmas Crackers"  or candy wrappers made out of toilet paper rolls

Click on this picture to go to the post for the Blue & Gold Programs

To check out the other placemat I made in 2012 with a different rebus puzzle, CLICK HERE


   If you only want to print the 2012 word puzzle, click here

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Blue & Gold ideas, CLICK HERE  


  1. I have been on this site for an hour so far. I am trying to upload blue and gold banquet placements and they won't go. I printed the answer sheet just but the puzzles and coloring mat won't upload. I really need them.

    1. I have been out of town for the weekend, but am just headed back tonight. Did you get it printed or do you still need help? Sometimes if you open it in a different browser your computer works better... firefox, chrome, internet explorer...

  2. Thank you so much! This is my boy's last Blue & Gold and this was so helpful to make it special.

  3. I hope I've done this right - I clicked on the click here, then downloaded. I am still hunting for a template for the program but I'm very glad to have the placemat ideas! I want to be sure the blog gets the money for my visit.

  4. It is difficult to click to print and edit these worksheets. loading error keeps coming up. I love the ideas here but cannot use them for my Pack Blue and Gold. I do have your ideas to expand and create something more unique for our council to use.

  5. Hello do you know if this would be able to be changed for an Eagle Scout court of honor,, for the siblings to do?

  6. Thanks so much. I always google your council site for ideas! They are so helpful - my Pack is small but growing fast. Thank you