Friday, February 28, 2014

Grass Heads are a great way to teach Cub Scouts about Growing Seeds - Theme Planting Seeds of Kindness

We had such a fun time making these Grass Heads with our Cub Scouts last year for the Cub Scout Theme Planting Seeds of Kindness.  It is a great way to teach Cubs about growing seeds.  We gave each boy a cup that already had dirt in it, seeds for him to plant, and the PDF below of lots of faces - eyes, noses, mouths, and shoes.  They grew their Grass Heads for the month and then brought them to Pack Meeting.  We displayed all of them on a table.  It was SO fun!  They all looked different, and we let any siblings that wanted to grow Grass Heads do it also.  It was so fun to watch them grow during the month.  These are a lot like Chia Pets, but much easier.  You could see the roots growing right inside the cups!  I hope you enjoy doing these with your Cub Scouts.

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  1. Wonderful idea! I'm going to share it on my site,

  2. This is a great addition to the Planting the Seeds of Compassion Pack meeting! Our boys love hands on activities, and this seed guy will remind them of their project to show compassion during the month of March and onward. Great!