Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blue and Gold Banquet Dinner Placemat Preopener Printable Worksheet for the Blue & Gold - Cub Scout Crossword Puzzle - Cub Scout History - Rebus Puzzle

I made a printable puzzle you could use for the Blue and Gold banquet as a placemat.  It has a crossword puzzle for Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting, lots of Tic Tac Toe's for the little ones, a history of scouting, and a Rebus Puzzle.  This would be something everyone could work on while they were waiting for it to start. Hope you enjoy it!

After printing the above placemat to use for our Blue & Gold banquet, everything seemed a little small.  I made it a little larger and ready to print on a paper with part on the front, and part on the back.  This should give you a lot of options to get the one you like.
  • To print the updated placemat front page that has the crossword puzzle, scouting history, and a maze, CLICK HERE.
  • To print the updated placemat back page that has the rebus puzzle and answer sheet, CLICK HERE
  • To print the new placemat for 2014 with a completely new rebus puzzle, CLICK HERE.
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  • If you want to print the placemat pictured at the top of page from a PDF, click here
  • If you want to print the placemat pictured at the top of page from a jpg file, click here (you could do it this way if you want to print it 11x17 as a bigger placemat)
  • If you want to print an answer sheet, click here

If you only want to print the word puzzle, click here

Answers to puzzles

1.    History repeats itself
2.    Ring around the rosie
3.    Repeat after me
4.    Read between the lines
5.    You’re under arrest
6.    Square meal
7.    Ready for more
8.    Alice in wonderland
9.    Right beside me
10.    Frankenstein
11.    Made in China
12.    Settle down
13.    One in a million
14.    Four wheel drive
15.    The land before time
16.    I’ll be there in a minute
17.    Rail Crossing
18.    Microscope
19.    Banana split
20.    Painless operation
21.    Update
22.    Well balanced meal
23.    Tennis shoe (10 issue)
24.    Excuse me
25.    Time after time or Double time
26.    Bad influence
27.    Won by a nose
28.    Too big to ignore
29.    Big bird
30.    High chair
31.    Ice cube
32.    Foreign language
33.    Space invaders
34.    Safety in numbers
35.    Blanket
36.    Who’s in charge
37.    Equal rights
38.    Tiptoe thru the tulips
39.    Free for (4) all
40.    Neon lights

2.  Do Your Best
3.  Webelos
5.  Wolf
8.  Varsity
9.  Do a Good Turn Daily
10.  Boy Scout
11.  Eagle

1.  Arrow of Light
4.  Be Prepared
6.  New Scout
7.  Bear
8.  Venture


  1. These are some great ideas.....i cut cup the napkin rings and glued them on toothpicks for cupcake decorations.......They turned out really cute!

  2. Thank you for these ideas. I am in charge of planning the blue and gold and can't wait to start because of these ideas.

  3. Thank you for all your help and sharing your ideas!

  4. Thank you for all your help and sharing your ideas!

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  6. Thank you for providing the placemats. This was exactly what I was looking for and we will use it this Saturday!

  7. Pack 100 in Longhouse Council thanks you for making our B&G better!

  8. Thank you for sharing! This added that extra special touch to our tables! Hershey Pack 65

  9. Thanks for sharing it. Very nice brain teasers.