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Cub Scout Activities ~ Cub Scout Monthly Themes - Pack Meeting Plans - Great Salt Lake Utah Council - PowWow Books - Blue & Gold - Derbies - Hike

CUB SCOUT ACTIVITIES was a bonus section in the  the 2003 Great Salt Lake Utah Council PowWow book.  This is a great section, and many of the ideas that were used back then can still be used today.

To open the PDF for this theme, CLICK HERE

Some of the things you will find in this PDF are:
  • Academics and Sports Program
  • Best of Blue & Gold
    • Why do we have a Blue & Gold every year?
    • Why do we have it in February?
    • How do I put it together and make it successful?
    • Time Line for planning
    • Program
      • Guest Speaker
      • Games
      • Songs
      • Skits
      • Crafts
      • Flag Ceremony
      • Uniform Inspection
    • Decorations
      • Centerpieces / Table decorations
      • tablecloths
      • placemats
      • Den assignments
    • Advertising
      • Invitations
      • Posters
      • Flyers
      • Phone Calls
      • Visits
    • Assignments
      • Decorations
      • Food
      • Program
      • Advertising/Invitations
      • Facility
      • Setup
      • Cleanup
      • Emcee
    • Other
      • Handouts
      • Awards
      • Leader Recognition
      • Advancements
      • Thank you notes
      • Tableware
  • Character Development
  • A Scouters Golden Opportunity
    • I took a piece of plastic clay And idly fashioned it one day: And as I pressed it, still
      It bent and yielded to my will.

      I came again when days were past: That bit of clay was hard at last.
      My early impress still it bore,
      And I could change its form no more.

      You take a piece of living clay
      And gently form it day by day, Molding with your power and art
      A young boy’s soft and yielding heart.
      You come again when days are gone: It is a man you look upon.
      Your early impress still it bore,
      And you could change him never more.

      You are dealing with a boy Who must be guided unaware: Must be shown, but oh so gently How to live both true and fair.
      Pins and badges aren’t our aim. Character building is our goal. But not to lose your courage now, For you are piloting a soul. 
  • Derbies
    • Pinewood Derby
    • Raingutter Regatta
    • Space Derby
      • How to have a stress free space derby
    • Other Derbies
      • Kite Derby
      • Bicycle Derby
      • Egg Drop Derby
      • Olympics
    • The Awards
      • The Medal
      • The Trophy
  • The Outdoors and Camping
    • The value of an Outdoor Program
    • Campfire Safety
    • Lightening Safety
    • Cooking Safety
    • Water Safety
    • Favorite Outdoor Recipes
      • Chicken Thighs ALA Coke
      • Banana Boat
    • Cub Scout Hike
    • Leave No Trace
  • Cub Scouts "at Your Service"

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