Saturday, January 12, 2019

Marble Racer ~ Great Salt Lake - Cub Scout Themes - PowWow Books - Pack Meeting Plans

This information for holding a Marble Racer Derby was in the 2006 Utah Great Salt Lake Council PowWow book.  This is a great idea, and many of the things that were used back then can still be used today.

To open the PDF  to print this page,  CLICK HERE

Description: A low cost alternate to the Pinewood Derby. These simple “cars” can be put together at a Pack Meeting and then raced on an inclined board covered with a terry cloth towel so that the “roll” instead of sliding down the track!
Items Needed: Colored paper, paste or tape, stickers, crayons, small marble
Procedure: 1.
2. 3. 4.
Copy the design (Figure 1) on colored paper and cut it out. Let the boys decorate it with stickers, crayons, etc. if they would like.
Fold flaps A and B toward the center strip.

To form the sides place flaps A together and paste.
Insert the marble between the sides: then paste ends (C) together to form a bean shaped roller with the marble inside.
To operate the racer, release it on an inclined flat surface and it will roll down end over end with an erratic motion. Race the rollers against each other.

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