Wednesday, February 20, 2019

To the Rescue & Halloween - Utah National Parks Council - Pow Wow Book 05-06 - October 2005 - Pack Meeting Helps

Utah National Parks Council put out Pow Wow books for many years.  Here is a section from one of them.  "To the Rescue" was published for the October 2005 theme.  It also has information that is fun to use for Halloween.

Some of the sections in this PDF are:
  • An invitation to give out
  • Websites that would be of use
  • Days in October that are "official" dates - National Nut Day, United Nations Day...
  • Pre-Openers - a word search for the theme "To the Rescue", and how to rescue an ice cube.
  • Opening Ceremonies - A-M-E-R-I-C-A & Cub Scout Fire Detectives
  • Closing Ceremonies - H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N & SOS
  • Advancement Ceremonies - Rescue Advancement & Halloween Advancement
  • Audience Participation - Let's Go On A Ghost Hunt
  • Skits - The Doctor is In, The Good Samaritan, & Spooks
  • Games - House A Fire Relay; Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag; Detectives; & Morse Relay
  • Songs - To the Rescue, 9-1-1 Help
  • Sparklers - Cheers & Run-ons to go with the theme
  • Crafts - Egg Carton Fire Trucks, Life Preserver Neckerchief Slides, Fire Extinguishers, Band-aid Neckerchief Slide, Film Canister First Aid Kit Neckerchief Slide, Cereal Box Gravestones, Egg Carton Spiders, Cool Whip Lid / Grocery Sack Ghost, Milk Container Pumpkins, & Pumpkin Neckerchief Slide
  • Food Fun - Fire Hose, Burning Biscuits, Witches' Brew, Monster Toes, Tricky Treat, Creepy Spiders, Candy Corn Crispy Rice Treats, & Squashed Frogs

To see more Theme Ideas, and other PowWow books go to this page CLICK HERE

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