Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cub Scout Pace or Stride Calculator ~ Hiking Neckerchief Slide

These are fun Pace or Stride Calculators to show how far the boys have traveled. Measure a course that is 100' and have the boys count how many normal steps it takes to go that distance. I made these as neckerchief slides so the boys would not loose them.

These will print 12 per page and if you have a 2.5 circle punch, you can punch them out instead of cutting them out.

  • Click here to download the file for the front of slide (white)
  • Click here to download the file for the back of slide (yellow)
  • Click here to see more neckerchief slide ideas on our blog

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I originally got this idea from "Exciting Scout Craft" at http://www.e-scoutcraft.com/misc/stride_calculator.html

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